Don’t Let Gum Disease Go Untreated

If your smile is suffering from the effects of gum disease, you might benefit from a dental treatment called scaling and root planing. This procedure involves “deep cleaning” the tissue under the gumline. Today, our  team is going to talk about how this deep cleaning can help restore your healthy gums. Maintaining healthy gums requires… Read more »

Show Your Teeth the Love They Deserve

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they see you, and your teeth play a big role in how you are viewed. What do you know about this part of your body? Today we have some facts about your teeth to help you appreciate them and take better care of them…. Read more »

Try These Solutions for Overcoming Tooth Stains

Your teeth can stain for a variety of reasons. In today’s blog, we would like to share with you some common staining problems, and some solutions to help you overcome them. A healthy smile is a vital part of your self-image! Problem: Drinks such as coffee, tea, and red wine, or the consumption of deep-colored… Read more »

Preventative Dentistry: Keeping Teeth & Gums Healthy and Problem-Free

Keeping your smile free from dental problems with preventative dentistry can save you time and money down the road. Having restorative dentistry treatments can cost you thousands of dollars and time. Keeping teeth and gums healthy now can save your smile and your resources later. To do this, you will want to practice ongoing daily… Read more »

For Optimal Oral Health, Be Sure to Keep All Your Dental Appointments

Keeping your scheduled dental appointments is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile. We also know how precious time is, and want to make sure that we honor our time with you by giving you the best possible care. We strive to do this for all of our patients. To make sure your appointment flows as… Read more »

Two Christmas Gifts You Can Give for a Prettier Smile

This holiday season, would like to present two gift options that can make a big splash for someone on your gift list. As you have probably already seen for yourself, an attractive smile can give one’s self-confidence a big boost, as well as enhance one’s overall appearance. You can help someone you love transform their… Read more »

Why Not Treat Your Smile to These Tooth-Friendly Foods This Holiday Season?

With December and the ensuing holidays in full-swing, we are inundated with social events and gathering. While sugary treats are often on full display during this time, that doesn’t mean we have to indulge in them. Although having sugary items is best done with or right after meals (as a dessert), there are other offerings… Read more »

Take Our Tooth Sensitivity Quiz

Tooth sensitivity is a common cause of pain when it comes to your oral health. Today, we would like to test your tooth savviness when it comes to tooth sensitivity, with our short quiz. Here we go! True or false: 1-T/F: Biting into hot or cold foods and feeling pain is normal. 2-T/F: There are… Read more »

Let Our Composite Dental Fillings Brighten Your Smile

One of the cosmetic dentistry options our dental office offers our patients in , is composite dental fillings. These tooth-colored dental fillings are created to blend in with their surrounding counterparts to provide a discreet, natural-looking restoration. This makes them an ideal choice for work done on your front teeth. With the help of composite resin fillings,… Read more »

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Cloud Your Sleep and Affect Your Health

At St. Paul Family Dentistry in St. Paul, Minnesota, we are pleased to offer oral appliances for our patients who have a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you may find yourself feeling extreme drowsiness during the day, have recurring headaches, and awaken with a dry throat because you have interruptions… Read more »