Make the Most of Your Dental Insurance Before the Year Ends

Have you had your preventative care and dental cleanings for the year? If not, now is the time to come in and see our dentists before the year ends. Fall is ideal for using your dental insurance benefits while also getting your smile ready for the upcoming holidays and festivities. Since your insurance plan likely runs out… Read more »

What Can Dental Implants Do for Your Smile?

Do you have permanent teeth that are missing in your smile? If so, your smile confidence doesn’t have to continue suffering the effects of missing teeth. At , we offer an effective tooth restoration procedure known as dental implants for our patients who need help restoring missing teeth. Dental implants work by surgically implanting a titanium… Read more »

Three Ways to Help Your Child Succeed This School Year

Were you aware that routine dental checkups and professional dental cleanings are as essential to your child’s health as immunizations? Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that tooth decay affects more children than any other chronic infectious disease. With this in mind, today’s blog aims to expand on our previous blog… Read more »

Help Your Child’s School Attendance by Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Maintaining your child’s oral health is important because every year school age children miss more than 51 million hours of school, thanks to dental diseases. Not only that but cavities are the most common chronic disease in school aged children. So if your child hasn’t had their back-to-school dental check-up, it’s not too late to send… Read more »

Do You Have Smile Flaws That Could Benefit From Dental Bonding?

Do you currently have a tooth with has chips or cracks in it? Do you have sensitive teeth? Or do you have a tooth which is irregularly shaped? If so, you might want to speak to our team at St. Paul Family Dentistry in St. Paul, Minnesota, about a dental restoration called dental bonding to repair your… Read more »

CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns Can Brighten Your Smile Quickly

At St. Paul Family Dentistry in St. Paul, Minnesota, our skilled dentists, Drs. Opack, Dr. Stanton, and Dr. David Opack offer CEREC® same day crowns for our patients seeking dental restoration. With CEREC technology, you experience the comfort and convenience of this innovative software to scan, design, and mill a high-quality porcelain crown in just… Read more »

Gum Disease Needs to Be Treated Before It Can Progress

Gum disease might not sound serious at first, yet it can pose a serious threat to the health of your mouth and the long-term integrity of your teeth. Gum disease is typically the result of poor oral hygiene habits that fail to clear the teeth of plaque and food residue. When this happens, these substances… Read more »

Enamel Attrition Calls for Timely Dental Care

The strength and integrity of your tooth enamel plays an important role in protecting the interior soft tissues of the tooth while also giving you the ability to chew food. When the outer layer of a tooth is compromised by tooth decay, dental fractures, or enamel attrition, the entire tooth could be at risk. While… Read more »

Invisalign®: Not Just for a Pretty Smile

As far as having a straighter smile goes, Invisalign® can accomplish more than just a pretty smile. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), an aligned smile can actually improve your overall dental health, not just the oral issues brought on by an improper bite such as chewing difficulties, problems with the jaw, and wear on… Read more »

Endodontic Therapy: Is a Root Canal on Your Horizon?

If you are facing the possibility of having endodontic therapy, or a root canal on a painful tooth, we hope to erase some of the stigma attached so you can feel confident of having a positive experience. Many people find the idea of a root canal scary, but actually, it will relieve you of the… Read more »