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Daily oral care and routine dental checkups help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold in your smile. Not only do regular checkups work to prevent dental issues, they also allow our dental team to treat problems early–when they are least invasive and most economical to resolve.

But problems can still crop up in between checkups that may necessitate a visit to our dentist. Today’s blog is going to review seven signs you should watch out for that might need treating before your next scheduled appointment. If you have any of the following symptoms, please call our St. Paul Family Dentistry to see if you need to come in for timely treatment:

-1 Are you having unusual pain in your mouth, face or neck areas?

-2 Are you experiencing swelling or bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth and gumline areas?

-3 If you are pregnant, are you experiencing gum or tooth sensitivity due to hormonal fluctuations or morning sickness?

-4 Is it painful to chew or swallow your food?

-5 Are you having problems with a chronic and uncomfortable dry mouth?

-6 Are you experiencing jaw pain when you open and close your mouth or chew your food?

-7 Do you have sores in the mouth that just aren’t healing in a week or two?

These conditions are symptoms of problems that might need to be addressed to prevent worsening. Any time you experience oral concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for answers. If you are having any of these symptoms, and you don’t already have an appointment coming up soon, please give us a call at 651.488.5522 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our dentistss, Drs. Joseph Opack, Peter Stanton and David Opack, are ready to assist you with the quality care your smile deserves.