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A root canal procedure can often prevent a severely damaged tooth from needing to be removed due to compromised tooth pulp that has reduced the health of the tooth. We review how harmful dental conditions can affect the tooth enamel and pulp to the point that root canal treatment is needed.

Certain oral health conditions can cause you to need root canal treatment if they are able to affect the tooth to the point that the pulp, as well as the tooth enamel, has been compromised. For example, if an oral accident causes blunt tooth trauma and opens a chip, crack or fracture in a tooth, this becomes a gateway for bacteria to invade your inner tooth structure and result in complications such as tooth infection.

Similarly, if your tooth enamel is worn away or you develop cavities, bacteria can use these holes in the tooth enamel to affect the tooth pulp. It’s important to practice effective oral hygiene every day to prevent these conditions as much as possible. If you do develop an oral health problem that involves the tooth pulp, root canal treatment may be the most effective treatment to preserve your smile.

The purpose of root canal treatment is to give a damaged tooth as a second chance after the dental pulp has been affected beyond the point of being salvaged. While tooth pulp is important because it houses the connective tissues, blood vessels and tooth nerves, our dentist can help you preserve the tooth for years after the tooth pulp is removed.

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