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If you have recently lost a tooth, it’s important to speak with Drs. Joseph Opack, David Opack, or Peter Stanton about tooth replacement options to prevent your smile from developing further complications that impede your oral function. Even if your limited oral function and affected smile appearance may not seem significant, prolonged tooth loss can result in further oral health complications due to the gap in your smile. We offer dental implants to address oral function and restore your full smile to that you can have strong, healthy teeth.

If you have lost one or more teeth, the surrounding teeth can start to shift into the gap and alter your tooth alignment, putting you at risk of chipping or fracturing a tooth when you chew or bite down.

Fortunately, we can provide custom dental implants to address tooth loss early on and keep your smile stable. Dental implants have become a very common option for tooth replacement due to their increase in popularity over the years and their ability to replace one or more teeth.

Our dentists typically must perform a placement procedure with the use of sedation to attach your dental implant. The use of titanium in the implant enables the appliance to bond with your jawbone over time and help your dental implant become even stronger and more durable.

For further information about our dental implants in St. Paul, Minnesota, and to speak with us about tooth loss, we invite you to call St. Paul Family Dentistry at 651.488.5522 today!