Enamel Attrition Calls for Timely Dental Care

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The strength and integrity of your tooth enamel plays an important role in protecting the interior soft tissues of the tooth while also giving you the ability to chew food. When the outer layer of a tooth is compromised by tooth decay, dental fractures, or enamel attrition, the entire tooth could be at risk.

While tooth decay and dental fractures are often overt, you might not notice enamel attrition developing early on. When this happens, minor alignment imperfections in your dentition cause two teeth to rub together at an unhealthy angle. This gradually wears down the tooth enamel in one small spot.

As this happens, you might notice a gradual change in texture on the enamel or increased tooth sensitivity. If it goes ignored, unnoticed, or untreated, this area of enamel attrition begin to trap bacterial residue. This could increase your chances of experiencing tooth decay or possibly a more severe dental fracture.

If the compromised area is small and not located on the biting surface, our dentists at St. Paul Family Dentistry’s St. Paul, Minnesota practice may be able to repair the tooth with a basic filling. In the case of a large area of enamel attrition, or damage to the occlusal surface, we may recommend a total crown restoration.

If you live in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and suspect that an alignment issue with your teeth has distressed tooth enamel in your smile, please call 651.488.5522 to schedule an appointment at St. Paul Family Dentistry. Drs. Joseph Opack, Peter Stanton, and David Opack are eager to help protect your healthy smile!