Taking Care of Your Dentures to Maintain a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

If Dr. Joseph Opack, Dr. Stanton or Dr. David Opack recommended dentures for your smile to replace missing teeth, it is important to know how best to take care of them. At St. Paul Family Dentistry, whether you have custom-crafted complete dentures or partial dentures, smile care is just as vital as with your natural pearly whites. Denture care requires diligence... read more »

Dental Emergency? Don’t Panic!

At St. Paul Family Dentistry, Drs. Peter Stanton, Joseph Opack, and David Opack understand that dental emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime. We are always ready to help our patients in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the surrounding communities in the event of a dental emergency, so please don't hesitate to call us at 651.488.5522 to be seen by one of our experienced... read more »