Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Cloud Your Sleep and Affect Your Health

At St. Paul Family Dentistry in St. Paul, Minnesota, we are pleased to offer oral appliances for our patients who have a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you may find yourself feeling extreme drowsiness during the day, have recurring headaches, and awaken with a dry throat because you have interruptions in your breathing as you... read more »

Endodontic Therapy: Is a Root Canal on Your Horizon?

If you are facing the possibility of having endodontic therapy, or a root canal on a painful tooth, we hope to erase some of the stigma attached so you can feel confident of having a positive experience. Many people find the idea of a root canal scary, but actually, it will relieve you of the pain you are currently experiencing.... read more »

What Should You Do with a Cracked Tooth?

At St. Paul Family Dentistry, Drs. Peter Stanton, Joseph Opack, and David Opack are happy to help our patients in St. Paul, Minnesota, with all of their oral care needs. Were you aware that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, even harder than the bones? Even so, those precious pearly whites can still sustain cracks or fractures.... read more »

How to Protect Your Smile as an Athlete

Smile protection is extremely important, especially when you are an athlete. Sports can harm your oral health in many ways, but if you’re smart, your teeth, gums, and jaw will remain in top-notch condition. So, to help you protect your smile while you are active, our St. Paul Family Dentistry team recommends doing the following things: Wear a mouthguard If... read more »