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Were you aware that routine dental checkups and professional dental cleanings are as essential to your child’s health as immunizations? Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have noted that tooth decay affects more children than any other chronic infectious disease.

With this in mind, today’s blog aims to expand on our previous blog to help you prepare your child for a successful school year. Not only will a dental cleaning and exam get your child off to a healthy start, we strongly encourage the following to help your child succeed. Let’s take a look!

Daily Hygiene: Daily oral care is important for your child’s healthy smile. They need to brush and floss daily, so while you are stocking them up with school supplies, don’t forget to include a new toothbrush, one which fits properly in their mouth so they can clean their teeth easily. Also include a fluoride toothpaste, and a flossing tool they will enjoy using. You can ensure the safety and effectiveness of these dental supplies by purchasing ADA-approved dental products.

Daily Nutrition: Your child’s school success also hinges on proper daily nutrients for healthy teeth and gums. Teach them to avoid sugary foods and drinks, and instead, teach them how to fortify their daily diet by packing nutritious lunches. A tooth-friendly lunch menu includes raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese, or milk, meat and grains.

Athletic Guard: If your child is active in sports this will help balance their academics. But keeping your child’s smile safe during potentially injurious activity is paramount for a healthy mouth. Be sure they have protective gear, such as a mouth guard, when engaging in school sports, PE, or playground activities that might expose them to oral injury.

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